Create Quick Drop Shadow of an Object

In this tutorial I will show you how to create quick realistic drop shadow of an object  by photoshop. It is very easy and entertaining. You will enojy it and learn some thing.

Finale Result-What You’ll be creating


Photoshop version CS+
Knowledge level Beginner

Work Steps

  1. Open a new document…
  2. Rename the layer to “Bg” and select fill tool.. chose color from color plate and fill the bg layer to this color..
  3. Select the custom shape tool and draw an object as you want or drag any object you want to create shadow.
  4. Duplicate the object by pressing ctrl+j one time.
  5. Select bottom layer by “Move tool” and Select Edit>transform>Scale. Then drag it like the image Do like below-
  6. Then Go again. Edit>transform>perspective and drag upper side to right.
  7. Then apply following style –
  8. Now select “Rectangular Marquee tool” and select the shadow object area
  9. Then go to Filter>Blur>Redial Blur.. use this properties.
  10. Then reduce the layer opacity as it suits better
  11. Finished… Hope you enjoy it.. if you like it then please like and share it on facebook, twitter or other sites and your friends.. Stay tuned for getting updates of great tutorial and freebies releases. Thank you

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