Create Stitched Denim Text by Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to design a stitched denim text by photoshop. It is very easy and entertaining. You will enojy it and learn some thing.

Finale Result-What You’ll be creating


Photoshop version CS5
Knowledge level Beginner


Let’s begain work, I’ve divided the works in to two categories for better understanding:

  • Designing Add-ons
  • Creating the design

A. Designing Add-ons

For our stitched denim text we need some addons, like- patter and brush. So first of all you have to create-
The Pattern

  • To do so open new document of 6px x 6px sized.
  • select “pen tool” in 1 px size and “black” for color
  • Then draw a line like under

  • Then Go Edit>Define pattern..
  • Remane it and press “ok”
  • Pattern is created

The Brush

  • Download it from here… Click me
  • Go to downloaded directory, double click on it….
  • The brush is installed

B. Creating the design

  1. Open a new document…
  2. Use a background or Rename the layer to “Bg” and select fill tool.. chose “#bcb178” from color plate and fill the bg layer to this color.. or you can download my bg here
  3. Now you have to select the font, I used “Airstream” .. it’s free.. download it and instal it. Use this properties..
  4. Type your text in the middle of the stage and press ctrl+j two times, the layer will be duplicated.
  5. Select bottom text layer by “Move tool” and press down arrow key three times and apply style [use any color in “color overlay” or use “#1b466a”] like below-

  6. Then select the middle text layer and apply following style [use any color in “color overlay” or use “#1b466a”]-
  7. Then select the upper text layer and apply following style –
  8. Now select “Horizontal type tool” and right click on the text then select “Create work path”
  9. Then select the brush tool and the brush you have downloaded and installed.. take the brush size to “8px” and select the foreground color to white
  10. Create a new layer
  11. Then Select the “Pen tool” > right click over the work path and select “Stroke path…”, select brush for stroke and press ok
  12. Remane the layer to “stitch” and apply those styles-
  13. Finished… Hope you enjoy it.. if you like it then please like and sahre it on facebook, twitter or other sites and your friends.. Thank you

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